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Your Success is Our Goal

VADAV’s industry experts have more than two decades of experience managing, designing and implementing in-sourced and outsourced contact center solutions. 

The VADAV team of business and technical advisors work directly with our clients and out-source contact center partners to provide advanced contact center solutions.

Our approach is very personalized and customer centric due to the number of clients we represent. Our team of advisors is the customers’ single point of contact for managing, designing and testing their contact center solutions.

Once our clients are satisfied with their design, VADAV’s team then works directly with our contact center partners to engineer and deploy the solutions.

Our experience and solutions are designed to maximize the productivity of each contact center agent interaction. We do this by thoroughly understanding our clients’ business goals and objectives then tailor the solution to achieve maximum results.

We utilize our vast years of experience and leading edge technology to help customers achieve results. Each solution we provide once deployed, is closely monitored using our advanced reporting capabilities to quickly identify and react to any potential down swings or changes in this real-time business.